Arms: Barry wavy of ten argent and azure, on a chevron embattled between three sea horses naiant, five gouttes de poix.

Crest: A lion's gamb erased gules, charged with three billets in pale, holding a battle axe argent.

The Tucker coat of arms was granted in England prior to 1620. (Source: Matthew's American Armory.)

Generation 1/ William Tucker (b 1589 - d 1642) Came to Virginia in 1610, on the "Mary and James". He was important in the Virginia Colony - a member of the first House of Burgesses (see monument at Jamestown), Councillor 1625-27, appointed one of the Commissioners to supervise the Virginia Gov't. in 1623; returned to England in 1633. His children were William, Mary, and Thomas. Of these -

Generation 2/ Thomas Tucker came to Maryland with Richard Holland in 1669, and settled at Herring Creek, Anne Arundel Co. His son -

Generation 3/ Richard Tucker (d 1721) lived at Broughton Ashley, Anne Arundel Co. His children were: John (children: Seaborne, Mary, Jacob, John, Charles, Isaac), Mary, and Thomas, Sr. Of these -

Generation 4/ Thomas Tucker, Sr. (d 1748) married Mary Duvall in 1721. Their children were : Richard (children: John, Martha, Margaret), Sarah, Susannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Sele (children: Thomas, Sele, James, John, William, Richard, Elizabeth, Mary, Anne, Rebecca, Margaret), and Thomas, Jr. Of these -

Generation 5/ Thomas Tucker, Jr. (d about 1800) married Frances Cockey (d 181?) in 1787. He was a Revolutionary Soldier. Their children were: Abel (married Mary Tydings in 1805), William (married Mary Anne Brewer in 1801; their children: Thomas, Mary, Jane, Anne), Anne/Nancy (married William Duvall in 1807), James (married Anne Deal in 1814), Enoch (married Janet McPherson in 1815), Samuel (married Belinda Hodkins in 1816; was a merchant sailor; lived in Wash.D.C. Their children: William, Samuel, James, Charles, Ellen, Fannie, Matilda, Elizabeth), Joseph (married Anne Young, lived in Baltimore), and Seely. Of these -

Generation 6/ Enoch Tucker (b 1793 d 1865) married Janet McPherson (b 1795 d 1878) in 1815. Her portrait was painted by Rembrandt Peale in 1835. (see photo left.) Janet was christened "Jeanette" after her father(William McPherson)'s sailing ship, which plied between Georgetown and England. They are both buried in the Congressional Cemetery in Washington. He had a farm, "Ellerslie", on old Blandensburg Rd. Their children were: Francis Asbury (b 1818, married Elizabeth Carter in 1837, children: Walker Hamilton, Carrie, And Janet), William McKendree (b 1820, married Caroline Blish), Maria Scott (b 1827, married Samuel S.Williams in 1847, children: Quincy, Horace, May, Samuel, Matilda, Hiram, Jeanette, Douglas), M.Virginia (b 1829, married William Landstreet in 1854, children: William, Virginia, Leila, Sophie, Courtney, Enoch, Anne, John, Frederick), Elizabeth (b 1830, married Simpson Moses in 1849, children: Preston, Brison, Francis, Elizabeth, Montague), Enoch Brison (b 1834, married Susan Davis in 1856, 10 children), and Sophie (b 1836, married William Smith in 1858, children: William, Jeanette, Joseph). Four other children died in infancy.
Both Enoch and Janet are buried in the Congessional Cemetary, Washington, D.C.

Most of the family lived in Washington. Asbury and Enoch Brison married Southern girls, moved to Richmond, and became ardent Confederates. McKendree married a Northern girl and lived in Ballston, N.Y. After the war, Enoch Brison came to Baltimore as a war refugee. Of Enoch and Janet's children -

Generation 7/ Enoch Brison (b 1834 d 1918) married Susan Davis. Their children were: Charles Enoch (surviving twin, b 1857 d 1933, married Beall Bentley, children: Helen Davis, E.Brison, Katherine Bentley, Susan Davis), Phillip Davis (b 1859, married Alice ___, daughter: Phyllis Tucker Eversfield), Morris Wright (b 1861 d 1925, married Mattie ___, children: Alice Tucker Wilson and Margaret Tucker Hunter), Anne Janet (b 1863 d 1942, married W.H.Howell in 1887, children: Janet, Roger, Teresa), Lee Brison (b 1865 d 1941, married Julia Cummings, children: Brison, Katherine, Henry), Bessie Chapman (b 1867 d 1938, married John McCormick, children: Brian, Jack, Virginia, Augustine, Douglas) Ernest (b 1869 d 1940, married Anna Eichelberger, children: Carey Davis, Randolph, Ernest), Frank b 1870, died in infancy), and Fred (b 1872, died in infancy. For -

Generatin 8/ Charles Enoch (b 6/6/1857 d 2/12/1933) married Beall Bentley (b 10/21/1861 d 2/7/1911) on Nov 30, 1885 by Rev.Julius E.Grammer of Baltimore, Md. Their children were: Helen Davis (b 10/15/86), E.Bentley (b 2/22/88 d 7/22/92) E.Brison (b 10/3/92), Katherine Bentley (b 3/18/94), and Susan Elizabeth (b 11/8/99. Of these -

Generation 9/ Enoch Brison Tucker (b 10/3/1892 @ Baltimore, Md. d 10/17/1971 @ Phoenix, Az) married Mary Valentine Windsor (b 2/14/1894 @ Wellsburg, W.Va. d 2/20/1956 @ Glendale, Az)in 1917. E.B. was a surveyor, and later served as City Manager of first Glendale, then Peoria AZ. Their children were: Mary Jane, pictured at left with parents E.B. & Mary Valentine (see below), Susan (married Vail Kinsey; children Karen & Christina), and Ernest Brison (b 1/14/1923 @ Fairmont W.Va, married Annette Cowgill 5/26/1951; children Eric Brison, Mary, and Brooks). Of these -

Generation 10/ Mary Jane (b 9-28-17) married John Henry Digges, Jr.(b 6/28/14 Beaumont, TX, d 7/??/85 Phx, AZ) on 4/13/35, at Florence, AZ. Their children were: Mary Margeret (Peggy), John H.Digges III (b 7/20/48 d 2/20/99, daughter Amanda Reann), Timothy Brian (Storm)(b 10/12/51, married Mary Vales, son Timothy B.II)and Susan Frances (b 9/4/53, married Garry Lee Arthur, son Steven Paris). Of these -

11th Generation pictures:
Storm, Peggy, Susan, and John

Generation 11/ Mary Margaret (Peggy) (b 12/15/40) married Robert E'Lee Swycaffer (b 7/8/41).

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